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Eternal Gold Beauty

SCA-Scalar Essential Oil Blend 5 mL

SCA-Scalar Essential Oil Blend 5 mL

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SCA (Scalar) Blend SCA brings through the 7 Elements of the Rainbow Light and holds the cell in perfect form. It allows you to hold consciousness in zero-point.  This scalar coded blend is a delivery system that helps to create a state of neutrality where density dissolves, and moves into random.  Once cleared, your body is ready to absorb the 7 Elements and move into a higher spin state where karma, time, and space stop repeating.  You are able to exist beyond programming and Source Technology and Source Intelligence will turn on so you can be in full expression without reflection.

This blend is coded with all the frequency colors of the rainbow spectrum giving it an added frequency bonus along with the empowering SCA Evolution Technology pictograph.  

Its aroma is delightfully sweet and reassuring like a blossom filled meadow in spring. 

PurSoul blends are exclusive in the way we hand-craft, code, and infuse with Scalar Technology each creation.  

Proprietary blend of:  Clary Sage, Lavender, Coriander, Roman Chamomile, Bay, and Tangerine in a base of Golden Jojoba. 

The following essential oils support your evolution into full quintessence (the essence of a thing in its purest and most concentrated form).

Clary Sage assists you in being open to new ideas and perspectives and opens the Soul to new possibilities and experiences.  Bay oil can encourage creativity and improve mental clarity. It stimulates imaginative decisions and inspires confidence.  Coriander is the oil of integrity specifically with oneself; the True Self.  It helps you to step out of the box and risk being who you truly are.  Lavender assists all aspects of communication by enhancing honest expression of your newfound self so you speak your truth with confidence.  Roman chamomile reveals our web of connection with the Universe as we relax and let go of the unseen while the Divine directs this revolutionary shift we are in, knowing that all is working for our highest good.  Tangerine is a catalyst and an enhancer that binds us all together in harmony as we connect and integrate our many pieces bringing out our best attributes in unity of the whole.

 The color, silky texture, and consistency of Golden Jojoba oil is a great carrier oil and adds a quality, nourishing element to this blend. 

If interested, please request a comprehensive handout on how to work with the blend and how the essential oils are supporting you in your ascension.  This handout is only available to those who purchase the blend.  Send your request to:

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