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Lu-Luminous, SCA-Scalar, Scalar 33 Essential Oil Blend Set of 3 in 5 mL

Lu-Luminous, SCA-Scalar, Scalar 33 Essential Oil Blend Set of 3 in 5 mL

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Lu, SCA-Scalar, Scalar 33 Essential Oil Blend Set.  This scalar coded blend set is a delivery system that helps to create a state of neutrality where density dissolves, and moves into random with scalar coding and pictograph technology so you can consistently maintain higher vibrational frequencies.

  Luminous Essential Oil Blend

Luminous is like a bottle of liquid sunshine that uplifts and brings joy into your heart when feeling blue.  Use it to pep up your energy in the morning and afternoon, bring in laughter to your life, or relax in the evening with its comforting afterglow of peace and contentment. 

It has been coded specifically with the “LU or Luminous” Evolution Technology symbol that helps to illuminate what it is you need to see, hear, feel, and know.  It helps you to clear the looping cycles of repeating programming. 

Feel into the shifting frequencies as prepares you to move into absorbing the 7-Elements of the SCA-Scalar blend.  With your intention, allow yourself to fully absorb its beneficial frequencies to elevate not only your mood, but your vibration as well.  Your energy field is resetting to Zero-Point neutrality! 

  SCA (Scalar) Essential Oil Blend

SCA (Scalar) Blend SCA brings through the 7 Elements of the Rainbow Light and holds the cell in perfect form. It allows you to hold consciousness in zero-point.  You’re your energy system is cleared, your body is ready to absorb the 7 Elements of Rainbow Light and move into a higher spin state where karma, time, and space stop repeating.  You are able to exist beyond programming and Source Technology and Source Intelligence will turn on so you can be in full expression without reflection.

This blend is coded with all the frequency colors of the rainbow spectrum giving it an added frequency bonus along with the empowering SCA Evolution Technology pictograph.  

  Scalar 33 Essential Oil Blend

Scalar 33 is a powerful blend that connects earth to sky by keeping you grounded as you elevate your frequency.  It is used to bring the cell into a state of expression of pure Source Intelligence where you feel the vibration of clarity and purity of your greatest Self.

Used with intention, it helps to hold the energy of your intention by helping to activate the cell to hold the higher frequency of your new identity. It helps you to take your old beliefs out of programming and transforms them into the higher frequencies so you can hold a new vibrational pattern or identity.  It helps to bring in the “Miracle Frequency Pattern”, which is a higher expression with no resistance or static. It connects you directly to Source and allows you to be in full manifestation of your "I AM" in expression of Divine Intelligence. 

If interested, please request a comprehensive handout on how to work with the blend and how the essential oils are supporting you in your ascension.  This handout is only available to those who purchase the blend.  Send your request to:

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