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Eternal Gold Beauty

I AM Journey Cards by Jewels Arnes

I AM Journey Cards by Jewels Arnes

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Welcome to the I AM cards.  This deck is a journey into the soul and will support you in reaching health, wealth and happiness.  You cannot use the deck incorrectly.  Use it as a daily affirmation, do one of the readings provided or listen to your own inner guidance to guide you.  

Each card has a reflection in the book.  Let yourself intuitively read the pages and take a moment to sit in its meaning for you. Take your reflection into your daily life and allow yourself to Ascend through the I AM.  Who are you in the I AM you have selected?  How will you think, feel, what choices will you make if you were to live in the identity of the I AM you select?  Let it guide you into the magic as you begin to advance to your highest potential.  Most importantly… Have FUN!

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