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Eternal Gold Beauty

Evolution Symbol Laminated

Evolution Symbol Laminated

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Use the Evolution in your sessions, Evolution Readings or put under your mattress or placemats!  Feel the Evolution symbol up-level everything you do!

There are symbols held in the Evolution Quantum technology that work through a series of patterns to accelerate the spin rate of the hydrogen bonds of the DNA.  This technology shifts the body, mind and spirit to a higher vibration.  As the symbols of the Evolution Technology activate DNA codes, Cellular transformation is accelerated through the pictograph, allowing physical form to shift to particle waves.  This can be seen as a new form that holds higher abilities that is held in expression.
Integrity and focused alignment is needed in the power of the Cellular Alchemy, as the  DNA begins to express Divinity codes.  Frequencies of the Evolution Quantum Technology are held in pure intelligence and assist DNA ascension.  The Divinity codes that begin to awaken, create vibrational patterns that will transform particle form to particle light or waves.  When these codes move into full expression of Source Intelligence, the human as it is today, will never be the same.
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