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Melding science and spirituality for a new experience in quantum healing.

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Ascended Astrology Reading

Experience the first of its kind Ascended Astrology Reading utilizing DMT™ Coded Cards to activate your
ascended DNA.

During a reading, Abriana is able to receive the information most relevant and important for you at that moment. She will present an overview of a your natal chart and observe where you are “hooking in” or being governed by the planets and energies. She will integrate a Divine technology card coding to activate your ascended DNA. Then we are able to turn that point of hooking in, inside out, allowing you to bring these energies into pure expression.

This is a uniquely channeled version of an astrology reading that has never been done before. You will walk away with a code to hold your DNA in the ascended form as you practice stepping into the new you.

Private Session Offerings

Basic Gene Code Reading

Awaken Divinity codes that allow you to hold conscious awareness or attune consciousness to Source Intelligence. As you experience the reading you will begin to actively participate in the shift of moving out of the looping system of the body and mind, breaking the God Code (the matrix). Click below to learn more.

Deep Dive Gene Code Reading

Dive deeper into your current vibrational pattern to clear programming.  This reading is a process that takes you into your state of origin, Source Intelligence. Through this intelligence you are all that is, limitless. This reading will help you expand beyond the programming of the 3D Matrix. Click below to learn more.

Ascended Astrology Reading

This takes astrology to the next level by utilizing the DMT codes and turning your natal chart inside out! It will identify where in your Natal Chart you are being governed by the cosmos. We will activate your ascended DNA through the DMT codes, creating an energetic field for you to step into. Click below to learn more.

Basic Evolution Reading

Designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself. It opens your awareness to see where you are in this present moment, what information is coming in for you to be aware of, and what it is you are being attuned to with the Divine support that is waiting for you to step into. Click below to learn more.

Deep Dive Evolution Reading

Dive deeper into the reading to reveal what it is you need to know that is keeping you stuck in the perpetual looping cycle of unproductive ways of being. This reading will expand your awareness so you can make knowledgeable choices based on the information the cards will reveal. Click below to learn more.  

Evolution Card 1-on-1 Coaching

Are you wanting to take your Evolution Card reading skills to the next level? This session is designed to support you and help bring the clarity you need to enhance your ability to offer robust and deeply meaningful readings for self and others. This is a a great opportunity to get 1-on-1 coaching time. Click below to learn more.

Quantum healing practitioner

DMT Ascended Astrology

Experience the first of its kind Ascended Astrology Reading utilizing
DMT™ Coded Cards to activate your ascended DNA. 



COO, Eternal Gold
Quantum Healing Practitioner

Abriana received a Bachelor’s Degree in Recreational Parks and Management with a concentration in Therapeutic Recreation from the University of North Carolina, Greensboro. She worked closely with small businesses and helping people with disabilities including service animals through her degree. Abriana is passionate about melding science and spirituality and went on to obtain certifications in several healing modalities. Working with a large variety of clients one-on-one she realized her biggest passion was showing people that they have all the answers inside of them.

In 2019 she started studying the teachings of DECU University and had a major transformation in achieving her goals to be a part of building the AE foundation. She now takes her passion for reading charts to the next level with her Ascended Astrology Readings where she is able to identify in your natal chart where you are “hooking in” or being governed by the planets and energies and assists you into bringing these energies into pure expression.

– Certified DECU Practitioner, Activate Evolution™
– Certified OM Codes Practitioner, Activate Evolution™
– Evolution Journey Card Certified Coder, Activate Evolution™
– Certified QHHT Practitioner, Dolores Cannon

Certified Practitioner

Evolution Readings

Eternal Gold also offers a variety of personalized readings and coaching.



Evolution Master Reader

Kathy is affectionately referred to as the ORACLE.

With over 40 years of experience studying various spiritual modalities, Kathy specializes in helping clients take transformative action and encourages creative thinking. By identifying your specific session goals, she can work with you to uncover your unique spiritual path.

During the readings, she will utilize the universal language of numbers, which are held at the Quantum Multiverse level. By leading clients through a frequency journey, together you can unveil the limitless potential of your intentions. Kathy will help guide you into your next phase.

Are you ready to embark on an exciting adventure of self-discovery where we surrender to the guidance of the Divine and unleash limitless potential?

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