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Melding science and spirituality for a new experience in quantum healing.

Quantum healing practitioner

DMT™ Ascended Astrology

Experience the first of its kind Ascended Astrology Reading utilizing
DMT™ Coded Cards to activate your ascended DNA. 



COO, Eternal Gold
Quantum Healing Practitioner

During a reading, Abriana is able to receive the information most relevant and important for you at that moment. She will present an overview of a your natal chart and observe where you are “hooking in” or being governed by the planets and energies. She will integrate a Divine technology card coding to activate your ascended DNA. Then we are able to turn that point of hooking in, inside out, allowing you to bring these energies into pure expression.

This is a uniquely channeled version of an astrology reading that has never been done before. You will walk away with a code to hold your DNA in the ascended form as you practice stepping into the new you.

Certified Practitioner

Evolution Readings

Kathy offers a variety of personalized Evolution & Gene Code readings.



Evolution Master Reader

Kathy is affectionately referred to as the ORACLE.

With over 40 years of experience studying various spiritual modalities, Kathy specializes in helping clients take transformative action and encourages creative thinking. By identifying your specific session goals, she can work with you to uncover your unique spiritual path.

During the readings, she will utilize the universal language of numbers, which are held at the Quantum Multiverse level. By leading clients through a frequency journey, together you can unveil the limitless potential of your intentions. Kathy will help guide you into your next phase.

Are you ready to embark on an exciting adventure of self-discovery where we surrender to the guidance of the Divine and unleash limitless potential?

Quantum Coach & Channeler

Quantum Coaching

Liane offers quantum coaching and personalized meditation sessions.



Quantum Coach & Channeler

Liane offers private quantum coaching and personalized quantum meditation sessions. Each session is completely unique. In fact everything about the experience is carefully curated to help elevate you into the next level of your personal evolution. Liane combines energy healing, channeling, and life coaching into one jam packed platform. You will walk away feeling loved, held, inspired and touched by Source….this is a guarantee! 

“Can’t say enough about the astrology reading I got from Abriana! Abriana has a wonderful gift of interpreting and bringing new light to traditional astrology. Her wisdom and intuition highlight areas of strength and places that may need attention. Plus the alchemy of the chart placed on the Evolution Symbol and adding the DMT codes makes this a life-changing experience! Get a reading today!”
~ Kate D.

“Abriana’s Ascended Astrology Readings are a radiant fusion of cosmic insight and soulful activation, unveiling a unique path to self-discovery as a new earth soul.”
~ Kate F.

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