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Eternal Gold Beauty was founded in 2016 by Jewels Arnes. Jewels created a high frequency skin care line infused with scalar and quantum-technologies, which acts as a delivery system for frequencies. She “quantum-shifted” to go on to build the Becoming BioQuantum Movement, where you can find a plethora of ascension courses and events, quantum lifestyle products, and a vibrant community of way showers. The Becoming BioQuantum with DMT™ movement was born from Eternal Gold Beauty and the two remain “soul-sisters”, working together to support humanity’s awakening to higher consciousness.

Eternal Gold maintains its roots in the community by offering a monthly membership, scalar infused products and tools, and workshops grounded in the foundational tools and Evolution Technology created by Jewels. Everything offered is designed to support individuals as they embrace a life of higher frequency and consciousness.

Eternal Gold supports and complements the movement to Becoming BioQuantum and offers anyone a safe space to learn, share, expand and connect to a higher consciousness life.

All Natural High
Frequency Skincare

Every product holds over 200 Frequencies, ORMUS and Nano Gold.
Each ingredient has the purpose to Elevate Cellular Rejuvenation.

What we offer

Vibrational creations for the mind, body, and spirit.

Community Membership

New Earth Pathways (NEP) is a community forum designed with the intention of holding us in the field while we transform and shift into the NEXT both as individuals and as a collective. NEP is hosted two times a month and provides a safe space to share our gifts.

High Frequency Skincare

Giving our cells the required support can be done with the help of the Eternal Gold Skincare line. Holding the energetic imprints that support turning OFF the codes of aging, you will feel the cells of your skin rejuvenating with each use.


Eternal Gold is MORE than just skincare, it has grown into a community of classes and events that support you in becoming the best version of yourself. We will hold the field as you step into your NEXT!

with abriana pastrana

DMT™ Ascended Astrology 

Experience the first of its kind Ascended Astrology Reading utilizing DMT™ Coded Cards to activate your
ascended DNA.

During a reading, Abriana is able to receive the information most relevant and important for you at that moment. She will present an overview of a your natal chart and observe where you are “hooking in” or being governed by the planets and energies. She will integrate a Divine technology card coding to activate your ascended DNA. Then we are able to turn that point of hooking in, inside out, allowing you to bring these energies into pure expression.

This is a uniquely channeled version of an astrology reading that has never been done before. You will walk away with a code to hold your DNA in the ascended form as you practice stepping into the new you.


Private Sessions

Gene Code Readings

A 30 or 60 minute reading that awakens Divinity Codes that allow you to hold conscious awareness or attune consciousness to Source Intelligence. As you experience the reading you will begin to actively participate in the shift of moving out of the looping system of the body and mind, breaking the God Code (the matrix). This reading is a process that takes you into your state of origin, Source Intelligence.

DMT™ Ascended Astrology Reading

A 45 minute reading that takes astrology to the next level by utilizing the DMT™ Codes and turning your natal chart inside out! This unique reading identifies where in your Natal Astrological Chart you are being governed by the cosmos. We activate your ascended DNA through the DMT Codes, creating an energetic field for you to step into.

Evolution Readings

Offering a 30 or 50 minute personalized card reading to help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself. It opens your awareness to see where you are in this present moment, what information is coming in for you to be aware of, and what it is you are being attuned to with the Divine support that is waiting for you to step into.

Quantum Coaching & Meditation Sessions

Offering 1 hour private quantum coaching sessions and  30 minute personalized quantum meditation sessions designed to help support you in shifting any limitations and/or limiting beliefs into higher states of consciousness. Sessions help clarify and integrate new frequency patterns of your “next right steps”. 

“Amazing and great results with all your products. Someone asked me if I do Botox on my face yesterday. Absolutely not…was my response & I showed them why!!!!”
~ Mary Rose, Holistic Healer Canada

“OMG!! IT works! I have to say I didn’t think it would and it does! This is New Earth Skin Care! All my friends are asking what I am doing different! One asked if I had a face lift! I am glowing!”
~ Rhroda, San Diego CA

“Abriana’s Ascended Astrology Readings are a radiant fusion of cosmic insight and soulful activation, unveiling a unique path to self-discovery as a new earth soul.”
~ Kate F.

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